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Why choose Natoli Plumbing & Drainage ?

Anton Natoli owner/operator of Natoli Plumbing & Drainage, offers a quality plumbing and drain laying service, at reasonable prices, to all customers. I have the tools and knowledge to make sure every job is done on time and to the customers requirements. I can also organise any contractors that may be needed to run the whole job for you so all will run smoothly. 

  • Reliable Plumbing & Drain laying
  • Well trained, experienced Plumber that will not leave a mess behind and always tidys up afterwards
  • Clear Plumbing quotes and simple pricing structures  Look at pricing here
  • I genuinely care about my customers and take pride in my work

What Plumbing Services do we offer?

From Island Bay in Wellington to Hutt Valley and Porirua.

I am fully equipped to handle all interior and exterior plumbing needs.

Installation or repairs of hot water systems.

All drain laying requirements, including blocked drains and cctv

Any other requirements just ring me for a quote.

Why use a Professional Plumber?

Always ask a plumber to show his licence card for peace of mind that the job is being done by a professional to the right standard.

I can guarantee that I am a certified plumber and drain layer, with 13 years experience.  

Search the public register

You can search the public register to find contact details for a licensed and/or certifying tradesperson or to check the licence status of a specific plumber, gasfitter or drainlayer:

(exemption holders and limited certificate trainees cannot be viewed on the public register) 

First check to see if they are authorised to undertake the work by asking to see their card. All authorised tradespeople must carry their authorisation card issued by the Board. The card also details what a person’s supervision requirements are, if any (on the reverse).

You can also check to see if a tradesperson is authorised by visiting or

phone the Board 0800 743 262. Plumber Wellington, Island bay, Poirua, Island bay plumber Wellington,